Welcome to Jesus Finance!

After a lot of work, we have combined the best of
all the passive yield generation tokens — into one smart token!

What is Jesus Finance?

With the JESUS token there is no need to stake or lock up your tokens anywhere to receive rewards. Just hold tokens in your wallet and watch your balance increase.

The JESUS tokenomics apply a special tax to every buy or sell of the tokens. 6,2% are redistributed back to holders while 3,8% are burned forever reducing the total supply.

We took all the best elements and combined them together in order to create the best passive yield generation token!

Smart Yield Generation

On each transaction, a 6,2% fee is distributed to all JESUS holders proportionate to their total holding. Jesus is generating you a passive income simply by holding your tokens.

3,8% of every transaction will be burned forever, decreasing the Total supply of Jesus.

The community will decide the future of the project. Currently a possible path to NFT’s, Christian community approach, farming partnerships, and many more to come!


Pre -sale price 1BNB = 40.000JESUS

5.000.000 tokens for presale

4.000.000 JESUS will be added to Pancake Swap for liquidity among the 85% of the BNB raised

500.000 JESUS will be used for marketing.

500.000 JESUS will be for the team.

Total supply: 10.000.000


Social links

Website: jesusdefi.com
Telegram: https://t.me/jesusfinance
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jesus_finance