Project Roadmap out now!

📣 Project Roadmap Out Now!

We have been hard at work finalizing details for the Future of Jesus Finance. After successfully completing the pre-sale and launch of the $JESUS BEP20 token on Binance Smart Chain, we have now laid the groundwork for the future on This platform will be our avenue towards adoption, where we will be posting any and all information about the projects’ mission and future plans.

This Quarter: Q1, 2021, We will be focusing on:

1: Obtaining an Audit: Although the Team has confidence in our code we understand the demand for an Audit from our community. We have already approached: ImmuneBytes, DeFiYields, BSC Gems, and Haechi Labs but with the sudden boom in new projects on BSC we will most likely be in a Queue for an Audit. We will keep our community updated as this progresses.

2: CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap: Listing applications are already submitted. We are also in a Queue with them and waiting on approvals. As soon as we are listed on either it will be posted here and on

3: Community Contests and Events: We will be holding Contests regularly to help our community grow! Currently we are in the middle of our first Twitter Community Outreach Competition and we have many more things planned for the future. Stay Tuned!

4: Unique $JESUS Ecosystem Features: We are currently planning some fun additions to the platform, but we are not releasing any of our Secrets Yet! You will be the First to Know!

5: Initial Partnerships: We are in the process of negotiations with possible partnerships within the BSC community. Nothing has been finalized yet but we are looking at listing on a few other Exchanges while leaving Pancake Swap with the bulk of our liquidity. The initial 50% of our liquidity will always remain on PancakeSwap as we have burned our LP tokens. We will always remain transparent about any moving of liquidity to another Exchange and any Announcements will be made here and on our website prior to moving funds.

6: Charity Donations: We have decided as a Team that we should follow in the footsteps of Jesus himself and we will be making a monthly donation to Charity. We will be conducting Community Surveys to determine which Charity gets our donation each month. We welcome any suggestions!

Q2 2021:

1: More Partnerships

2: Unique Competitions for the Community

3: Launch of Unique $JESUS NFTs

4: $JESUS Staking Platform

5: Top Community Proposals in Action

6: Multi Chain Adoption

7: Continued Charity Donations

Q3 2021: Some Surprises lined up! Just wait and See!

Jesus goes Defi