Jesus Finance is Proud to Announce The Results of our Smart-Contract Audit With Haze Security!!


HazeCrypto Security, hereby and is proud to acknowledge the following ⬇️

🌹 Contract ➡️ JESUSFINANCE

🗓 21.02.2021
⏰ 5:00:00 PM UTC

| 📝 Report Analysis |

JESUSFINANCE is a token based project deployed on the BSC Network where users can purchase Jesus tokens via Pancakeswap and earn 6.2% dividens on each trade just by hodling the tokens in your wallet.

✅ No vulnerabilities
✅ No backdoors
✅ No scam scripts


As we move forward with the Audit Process for the $JESUS token we have been hard at work finalizing the Official Jesus Finance Whitepaper. This will be the easiest way for anyone new to get a good idea of what this project is all about! Available in PDF format. Feel free to share! 😇

Check it here

We are proud to announce our new unique feature! Let’s all welcome the Sunday Congregational Airdrop! Every Sunday we will airdrop JESUS tokens to 10 different holders! Remember you must hold at least 10.000 JESUS to be eligible! is proud to announce our new Holders Ranking Tier System! These TITLES will be a measure of your Belief in the Project and will be used to determine qualifications for future contests and other future benefits such as AIRDROPS, etc…
Where do you rank in our Congregation?

📣 Project Roadmap Out Now!

We have been hard at work finalizing details for the Future of Jesus Finance. After successfully completing the pre-sale and launch of the $JESUS BEP20 token on Binance Smart Chain, we have now laid the groundwork for the future on This platform will be our avenue towards adoption, where we will be posting any and all information about the projects’ mission and future plans.

This Quarter: Q1, 2021, We will be focusing on:

1: Obtaining an Audit: Although the Team has confidence in our code we understand the demand for an Audit from our…

📣 is holding their first ever Twitter Community Outreach Competition!

$JESUS Token Airdrops for the Top Three Participants! 🎁

First Place Will Receive 15,000 $JESUS Tokens

Second Place Will Receive 10,000 $JESUS Tokens

Third Place Will Receive 5,000 $JESUS Tokens

To Participate: 💻

1: Tweet about what Brought You to and $JESUS Token Protocol.

2: Tag Three Friends

3: Follow and Tag $JESUS, #JesusDeFi, #DeFi, and #BSC

⏳ The Contest Will Run For one WEEK! Ending on March 3rd, 2021⌛️

After a week, We Will Run Analytics and Determine The Winner Based on Total Number of Posts and Comments with the Matching Criteria.

Good Luck to All Our Participants! 🙏




Contract: 0x9f921708682616096e59953b6398011fe1dfcdfa

After a lot of work, we have combined the best of
all the passive yield generation tokens — into one smart token!

What is Jesus Finance?

With the JESUS token there is no need to stake or lock up your tokens anywhere to receive rewards. Just hold tokens in your wallet and watch your balance increase.

The JESUS tokenomics apply a special tax to every buy or sell of the tokens. 6,2% are redistributed back to holders while 3,8% are burned forever reducing the total supply.

We took all the best elements and combined them together in order to create…

Jesus Finance

Jesus goes Defi

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